How To Sell Your Goods On Facebook

How To Sell Your Goods On Facebook

With the way the world is going digital, its now certain that if your business or brand isn’t known online its sure doomed to fail or better still say it won’t be recognised globally.

Below, we’re going to teach you how to put your brand/business out to the public and get recognised globally using one of the most recognised social media platform called FACEBOOK. Many people may have joined this platform for decades and are yet to make any tangible use of it, here is your opportunity to put in good use what you’ve always seen as a  gist place.

Now this is what you must do……
1. You must understand that your Facebook wall is your ONLINE SHOP so you have to make it look neat, organised, available and open for business with everyone who came to the market that day which is literally everybody on social media. The entire social media public.
Therefore you must make your Facebook wall PUBLIC. You cannot be wanting to sell to the public whilst your Facebook wall is set on private. Unless you want only your Facebook friends to patronise you. And no serious minded online vendor who wants to make money on social media wants that. If you set your wall to “friends only”, nobody that is outside of your fiend list will see your business posts on your wall.
So as you read this run to the settings on your page and make it public. If you want further guidance on this, go to google. It is explained well there.
2. Make it impossible for posts where you are tagged to appear automatically on your timeline. You can do this by reviewing your tags in your settings too. Choose the option that allows you to see tagged posts and choose whether you want it to appear on your timeline or not. That way your wall is not littered with posts made by other people where you have been tagged for one reason or the other. That way when serious buyers come to your wall to look at what you are selling, they will find your business posts easily, they won’t have to trudge through a mountain of irrelevant posts made my others, before seeing your business posts.
Now go to your settings and review your tags.
3. Avoid sharing people’s posts by pressing the share button. So that your wall is not littered with other people’s posts you have shared. It makes it untidy. If you see a post someone made that you like and want to share. Pls copy it as it was written, paste on your wall and give credit to the person who wrote it either on top of the post or at the bottom of the post as it suits you ( you either write written by, or culled from, or CC: and then you tag the original writer). If you don’t do this, it is plagiarism ( intellectual property theft) and it is a crime.
When you copy, paste and credit the writer, you will get greater engagement on that post, more people will see it and it will become part of content creation for you that can bring you more engagement, traffics and followers on your page.
Only use shared button to share videos you want other people on your wall to see when you don’t have access to the original video.

4. Do a post briefly introducing who you are, your brand, what you sell or the services you offer, attach a beautiful professional picture of yourself and include your contact details and location. Then PIN this post on your time line so that it stays there permanently for anybody who is visiting your time line to see. It will be like your CV. People can read this and exactly what you do and how they can reach you.
5. For every business post you make ( make at least one business post per day, if you can make more even better, but make sure you also post engaging non-business posts that will make your timeline interesting for your audience) no matter how busy you are, use very beautiful pictures of your products or services as much as possible, then add price, add location and add contact details ( business phone number). The reason that frequent business posts are needed is that it improves your chances of making sales when people see that you are active on social media, it improves their trust in you. Very few people will patronise a person whose last business post was made 2 months ago. They immediately think you are not around or you are not available for business. It’s like someone being away from their shop. It’s as if your shop is locked. Who will patronise a shop that the shop owner is absent?
But if they see many business posts, it’s like someone who is in their shop which is open for business.
6. In your bio on the front of your page under your profile picture include your location and business phone (WhatsApp) number. So that people don’t have to search far to find your phone number and your location. You can also add your offline shop address if you have one.

7. Then try and be online a lot. Check your notifications and inbox messages frequently. Go to your spam messages on messenger. So many vendors miss a lot of big customers because they don’t check their spam messages on messenger. If anybody who is not on your friend list send you a message on Facebook messenger, it goes straight to spam message and you not see it unless you check. So check your spam messages on messenger every day. Try and be responsive here. So many customers who buy big are in tire spam messages.
8.When people comment on your advert, try and respond as fast as possible. Don’t leave them waiting for long, else they might change their mind.
If you do these things, then you are ready to receive my visibility!

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