Money Or Idea Which Is More Crucial In Starting A Business?

Money Or Idea Which Is More Crucial In Starting A Business?

So I woke up thinking… What do you really need to start up a business, a career, a future?
Do you think money is all you need to start? Or do you think having Business idea/plan is more Crucial?

I realised that even if you have the money and no idea of the business to venture into, it will end up in you squandering the whole capital.

Same goes to having Business ideas without a start up capital, is it as good as a waste? I don’t think so. Because it’s been said that no knowledge is a waste but having money without an idea is a waste. I hope we’re getting somewhere.

To some extent, Money is the foundation of any business. Be it career or future. But When there is capital(money) and coupled with  a good business plan, one can go into business and succeed but when there is no good business plan the money will only be wasted. And Even with an acquired skill, Once you don’t have money to develop yourself thereby putting into practice what u have acquired you start forgetting some things gradually. For instance a person who learnt fashion design (tailoring) and can’t afford sewing machine and a baker who learnt catering but no equipments or oven.

First you need to have ideas, seek advice from people who have been in such business you are venturing nto, learn more about it, and keep yourself well equipped before the money comes. But starting a business you have no idea about can be so disastrous, because slowly but definitely it must go down.

To my own understanding when it comes to business, money and ideas tends to go hand in hand. Because one without te other ca be disastrous.

Many people today have wasted so much money in the process of venturing into businesses they know nothing about.  That you see someone’s business going well doesn’t mean that yours will go well if you should venture into same business.  Most or every successful businesses you see today passed through thorough planning and strategic moves before they get to the point they are now.

Though both work hand in hand but I still feel that ideas have a bit upper hand over capital. Because money can come from anywhere whereas idea can come only when you go for it.

While seeking for ideas, also seek for money and while seeking for money, go for business ideas too.
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