How To Earn In Crypto Market

How To Earn In Crypto Market

If you don’t pay to learn, you will learn by paying the market.In Crypro, everybody want to earn nobody wants to learn.

Whenever it’s bull market, everyone becomes an expert , bots, different crypto class here and there,  but when the bear market show they will  all disappear and please stay away from Ponzi scheme or anyone that say you should bring your money so he can invest or trade crypto or forex for you.

I laugh when people say they can’t pay to learn.
I will just look at them and advice them to just  jump on it.

Market is the greatest teacher in crypto/forex trading and failure is the greatest teacher in life but not everyone can survive these two teachers.
I will advice any upcoming crypto trader to run away from any crypto or forex Investment that promises you certain ROI monthly because it’s scam even if it is not scam from the beginning it will soon be a scam. It doesn’t matter who started it be it a pastor, imam or anyone, investment doesn’t work that way.

That’s why I keep shouting that everyone should learn how to trade crypto and shouldn’t send their money on an errand of no return.

Listen to me, whatever business you put money to and can’t take it out is PONZI.
It doesn’t matter how they package it. SGMARKET or any gold or foolish contract that ask you to pay ₦5,000 to ₦5,000,000 as registration without given you anything not even 1 gram of gold or 1BUSD after Registration is a scam and you won’t be able to take your investment unless you refer people so in the real sense it’s not a business it’s just you stealing from others the same they steal from you in the first place so you can get your money back. You are all thieves.

To make money online leveraging on BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, BITCOINS AND ALTCOINS you need to
1. Invest in knowledge
2. Put your money into what you know (never send your money to anyone to trade or invest for you, crypto put you in control of your money)
3. Repeat the first step, relearn, learn and unlearn.
Stay away for quick money or something that can ruin you.
If you can’t afford to lose it don’t invest it. I know people that are frustrated, lost their minds and almost commit suicide because of Ponzi and half-life Schemes you are promoting up and down.
Cryptocurrency put you in authority, nobody is in control of your money or assets except the market and you never lose except you press the sell button and if you buy shitcoins.


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