FinInfoHub moderates a Pan-European crowd-sourced equity research platform which is bringing together a premier community of people interested in the financial markets to share views and insights

Crowd-sourcing Equity Research

We believe crowdsourcing is a superior form of research since it pools various information and experiences across Europe to provide the best quality information and opinions. Different points of views, experiences and sources of information bring a wealth of knowledge which allows for better decisions.


FinInfoHub estimates that 95% of posts in financial forums are low quality, and they tend to burry relevant information. Our editorial team reviews all the posts before publishing only the most relevant of them.

Pan European

A significant proportion of European businesses have cross border activities. By sharing information on a European level, more insights can be gathered on industries, companies, market trends and much more.

Premier Community of People interested in Financial Markets

There are many smart bloggers in Europe, but finding the relevant information is extremely time consuming. The confrontation of different arguments allows each member to forge his or her opinions on more solid ground.

In English

There are many forums in all European countries. However, the vast majority is written in the local language, which prevents most other Europeans to benefit from such posts. Not everyone writes perfect English, but substance prevails over form at FinInfoHub.

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As always with financial products, you have to form your own judgment. The author of a comment or an opinion can be long or short and may have a hidden agenda. We ask authors to disclose their position in their post, but this should in no way prevent you to do your own analysis and form your own judgment.